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New Leaks Reported For The Oppo R17 PRO

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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Oppo has been one of the newest members of the smartphone industry and have taken the Asian markets by storm. By offering budget solutions with very little trade offs, Oppo have solidified their position as a budget friendly brand.

When Oppo released the Oppo Find X, the latest flagship smartphone by the manufacturer it was clear to see that they didn’t lag behind their competition and had a few tricks up their sleeves. For the Find X, Oppo went all out and took a bold decision of adding a motorized camera and sensors.

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The Oppo R17 just got leaked and here is what you need to know. The dimensions and the battery size for the R17 came up by Tenaa. 
Taking a look at the above chart we see that the device will house a 3415 mAh battery. By the looks of the dimensions we can expect the phone to be fairly chunky at around 8mm thickness. The real question which matters the most is it’s price and how it competes against other smartphones of the same price bracket.

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Oppo hasn’t really been around for a long time but they’ve left a mark worldwide and have been uplifting the standards of budget devices overall which causes other competition to push more and more. We can only wait and show patience for the next announcement by them and hope for the best.


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