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Nintendo Switch Sales To Hit 20 Million Units & 20.6% Increase In Physical Game Sales

Nintendo has been enjoying massive success lately. Ever since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has dismayed everyone’s belief by proving that their console actually has place in our society today. The Nintendo Switch is one heck of a console. Despite lacking some power in the internals department, the support for the console has to be commended.

According to a recent report update from the folks over at Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch is about to hit 20M units globally. The company, on their investor relations page revealed that they’ve managed to sell over 19.67 million Nintendo Switch consoles from 17.79 million since its inception back in March, 2017. That’s about a 10.6% increase over the span of three months.

Nintendo Switch Sales To Hit 20 Million Units & 20.6% Increase In Physical Game Sales - Q2 2018

Nintendo also revealed that they’ve managed to sell over 86.93 million physical game cartridges from the 68.97 million units three months ago. This is some impressive news that are simply signifying the importance of how Nintendo has planned the next few years for the console’s longevity.

By this moment, mentioning that Nintendo has learnt from its mistakes simply means that we’re beating a dead rat. However, given that Nintendo manages to keep the excitement and enthusiasm for the console over the next few years is the real challenge.

I personally am pretty confident in how Nintendo has planned the new few years of the console. Especially given their past experiences with the Wii U launch and how much they’ve changed their perspective towards third-party developers, it seems like Nintendo’s launch is more than a system launched with a Mario and a Zelda.

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