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The Oppo Find X Horribly Fails The Bend Test

The Oppo Find X has to be one of the most polarising phones of 2018. After following Vivo’s completely bezel-less design, Oppo announced their Find X with a host of improvements and features. Judging by the look of the device, it wouldn’t be hard to call it a mashup of the iPhone X and Galaxy S9.

Now, since the Oppo Find X is completely bezelless, Oppo has gona the Vivo route by moving the camera to a moving motorised frame. What differentiated the approach of both of the devices has to be the fact that Oppo’s design elevates the complete forehead of the device rather than just popping a small camera out of the blue.

JerryRigEverything, a YouTuber well known for his durability tests on smartphones recently published a durability test for the device showcasing the amount of abuse the phone could handle. Of course, most people won’t go as abusive as the YouTuber does, but it is definitely a word of caution if devices do break under the testing phase.

The first red light lit up when it was found that when elevated, the device has some room to accumulate small particles such as sand and other stuff. The second red light was given was the device broke in half like a cookie once the YouTuber applied pressure to the middle of the device.

This shows that the device’s durability isn’t among the device’s best of capabilities. However, considering that its the first of it’s kind and that Oppo is willing to cash in on it, I’d bet that many people are still willing to buy the device, and they should if they want to. However given the circumstances, users should keep in mind that the device won’t be able to withstand a few major blows.

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