Fortnite’s New Playground LTM Is Here To Stay, Says Epic Games

Playground has been some of the most successful additions Epic Games has made to the game yet. The Limited Time Mode recently made its comeback after being away for a week or two.

The mode was highly sought after by the Fortnite community after its announcement. Now that its back, Epic’s close monitoring of its community and feedback has assured that Playground LTM is here to stay. The news was made public on Twitch where the team working on the game said:

Yeah, we’re working on a version where we can keep Playground as a mode, not a limited time mode. – Fortnite

Since Playground has been very successful, it was only a matter of time before the feedback from players reached the active developers ears. Of course developing such a mode was crucial. Afterall, the devs did announce a huge tournament that aims to set the bars for the game’s standing in the e-sports world.

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With the help of the new Playground mode, players would be able to practice with their friends in harmony as well as introduce a new breed of professional Fortnite players. However, considering that Epic isn’t too happy about the way the game is being played, it seems like a few major changing to the games building mechanics are underway.


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