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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price Confirmed

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is right around the corner and an insane amount of leaks and rumors have poured in. First and foremost, the most anticipated news by tech enthusiasts all over the globe was the price range of the Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price Confirmed 8

Based on the leak, the price of the Galaxy Note 9 will be around the neighborhood of 1.09 million KRW (976.09 USD) for the base model which will consist of 128 GB of internal storage. The costlier 512 GB model will cost around 1.35 million KRW (1208.92 USD). Note that these prices are for South Korean markets and prices may vary from one country to another.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price Confirmed 9

Given the price range we are more than confident to say that the actual price will not be far off from the above stated ones. The previous generation in the Note series, the Note 8 had a retail price of 950 USD and looking at the leaks we can say that Samsung is not far off from that 950 USD mark.

Further leaks by our trustworthy “Ice universe” suggest that Samsung is working on new icons and interactions as well. The leak also suggests that “Bixby”, your personal assistant will receive a thorough makeover.With Bixby 2.0 based on the Ai UX.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price Confirmed 10

Bixby itself wasn’t the best personal assistant back when it was announced, with competition like Siri, Alexa and google it was really tough for Bixby which was still a new comer to the personal assistant game. With a ton of room for improvements we’re hoping that Samsung will deliver this time around.

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