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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Could Lack A Fingerprint Scanner Thanks To Face Authentication Methods

Samsung has definitely had a ton of experience with face recognition technology. As far as I could remember, Samsung’s take on face authentication goes back as far as the Galaxy S3 days. Samsung did continue pushing the technology forward by believing in the new authentication method. With the launch of the Note 7, Samsung actually introduced Iris Scanning, a technology that pushed Samsung’s boundaries even further until Apple pushed the technology even further.

With the launch of Apple’s iPhone X, Apple officially removed TouchID, a technology that Apple first introduced to the smartphone market with the iPhone 5S back in 2013. The so-called “courage” in moving innovation forward lead Apple to do their best at perfecting FaceID. With the help of modern technology, a host of complex sensors and a team that found potential in the technology, Apple set out to remove the fingerprint scanner from the iPhone X.

Recently, it seems like Samsung also wants to join the engineering battle with Apple. Samsung has recently received an approval for a patent from the United States Trademark and Patents Office USTPO for a pretty complex face biometric authentication system. According to the report, Samsung would be using a similar set of sensors. There’s an infrared sensor along with an EDOF lens and an iris database that collects all of the information from the registered user’s iris. Definitely cheeky in my opinion.

If Samsung’s going all this way to actually rival Apple’s FaceID technology, there may be a possibility for the company to drop the fingerprint sensor for good. And if they don’t we could actually be looking at a fingerprint sensor that would be embedded into the display similar to what Vivo has done with their NEX series of devices. All-in-all, this is some cheesy shifts that have to be made from the Korean giant, especially when you consider that the next device from Samsung has to be special commemorating it’s decade old series of innovation.

As we head deeper into July, we’re intending to keep our eyes peeled for the Note 9 launch that Samsung has set early next month.Samsung's Galaxy S10 Could Lack A Fingerprint Scanner Thanks To Face Authentication Methods 4

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