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Samsung’s Next-Gen 10nm LPPDR4X DRAM Announced, Poised To Power The Galaxy S10

Samsung may not be the biggest company in the PC market. However, their development and contribution cannot be overlooked. Samsung has quite a stronghold on the mobile market. In the PC tech space, the company is very well known for producing some of the fastest SSDs on the planet. Basically, Samsung has their hand in storage chips and ROMs.

Recently, Samsung has announced that they’ve begun mass-producing LPDDR4X chips for mobile devices. These chips are designed pack 8GB chips into an ultra-slim package to enable better storage density. This, in turn, means that packing larger chunks of RAM is much more efficient. With the new process in effect, Samsung promises to bring down power consumption of these chips by 10% and reducing the overall thickness by 20% while maintaining the same LPDDR4X speeds.

Samsung has confirmed that these new chips with begin to show up in flagship devices later this year and would obviously be powering some of the best high-end devices at the time. Considering that Samsung’s aiming the chip for later this year and that Samsung has quite a series of improvements to make with the S10, we should be seeing these new chips powering the likes of the S10 and its rivals.

With brands like OnePlus always trying to bump up its spec sheet on paper, these chips could be the reason we could be seeing devices packing 16GB RAM as soon as next year. Let’s see how this works out over the course of 2018 and early 2019.

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