Sony Xperia XZ3 Could Revolutionize The Smartphone Market

Sony has been one of the most influential manufacturers in the smartphone market since the dawn of the Android ecosystem. It has come a long way since their very first android device. People today recognize Sony for their unique footprint and their classic brick like design.

It has only been months after the release of the Sony Xperia XZ2 and rumors and leaks about the new flagship have already started to pour in.With the newer XZ3, we might be able to predict quite a few details about the device. These include the standard dual rear facing shooters a much improved screen.

Based on the leak, we could also point out that the XZ3 could opt to use an IPS display rather than an AMOLED display.

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The Xperia series was always a question mark for many because in the age of  AMOLED displays Sony opted for a regular IPS panel and when smartphones were becoming bezel less Sony stayed true its footprint and further solidified its brick-like build.

With bezel less devices taking over the medium with over 80% screen-to-body ratios, Sony’s will to stick to their classic signature design has to be applauded. Considering that Sony’s Xperia line of devices has fell a bit behind in the camera and design department, Sony has to bring something compelling with this launch to bring itself back into the game.

Will this new approach by Sony bring them back into the game or will they have to do a whole lot more?

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