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Tesla Might Be Making A Smartphone

Tesla Might Be Making A Smartphone 4Yes, you heard it right ! Tesla might be making a smartphone of the future. The above picture leaked by the user “GENIE” confirms that Tesla will be joining the fast paced smartphone market sooner than you think.

Based on the leak, the project has been code named “Quadra”. Looking at the picture itself, right off the first glance we see that the front of the phone will consist of an almost bezel less design which has been the trend of 2018. On the other hand we do get to see a small notch at the top. At the rear there is not much to see but we can confirm that the device will host dual rear facing shooters.

Given that the smartphone market itself is hot with Samsung and Apple pushing the limits farther and farther as each day goes by and with smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei pushing the limits for budget devices it will be an interesting to see how Tesla actually approach this.
The most important choice would be to set their targets, given that they’re focusing the budget audience then the price range will matter the most.

Further analyzing the picture we see that the device itself we see that the phone will house a potentially big body with a screen size around the neighbor hood of 6 inches.
Also at the bottom of the back we see a slit most probably for the speakers which confirms that the device will not have the opulence of  dual front facing speakers although the ear piece may act as a secondary speaker for the surround sound feature.

All in all to sum this up we’ll be anxiously waiting for Tesla to make their next move and reveal more information about the project.


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