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The Galaxy Note 9 Will Be Having A Weird Looking Rear Design

The Galaxy Note 9 Will Be Having A Weird Looking Rear Design 2We are nearing the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as each day passes by and by time we are getting more and more leaks about the device start to pour in.
The above picture was leaked a while back which shows off the outside design of the Note 9.

Based on the leaks, we see that the the Note 9 itself carries on the Note 8’s DNA with the curved edges and the minimized chin but the rear is where the magic happens. Right off the first glance we can notice the asymmetrical camera design and the fingerprint scanner right beneath it.

While not a lot of people may be huge fans of the rectangular box, it does catch the eye and makes the phone stand out from the others.

Furthermore Anatel, a Brazillian tech company confirmed that the Note 9 will consist of a 4000 mAh battery. The Note line up by Samsung has always satisfied consumers with long lasting batteries and to act as a companion for long term usage.

Samsung doesn’t really have a flawless experience with bigger batteries therefore it will be interesting to see how they approach the Note 9 this iteration. Batteries themselves are the main selling point of the Note series hence tech geeks are counting on Samsung to pull out something worth their while.


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