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The Sky Fracture In Fortnite May Have A Deeper Meaning Than We Thought

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Fortnite’s all the craze these days. With the game amassing over 125 million players all across the globe, the devs at Fortnite are making sure that the title isn’t just any other Battle Royale game that appeared from the looms. Epic Games, the studio backing the game have been making sure that Fortnite remains at the top by adding new content, keeping player feedback in close proximity, as well as making sure that they could keep the game as enjoyable as possible.

Just over 72 hours ago, they well-hyped Rocket finally launched after a slew of rumors speculated about what’s about to come next. The rocket that was launch exceeded the expectations of a ton of players. The rocket launch was way off what anyone would expect and was supposed to crash into tilted towers. By some form of glory between the time and universal dimensions, the rocket was taken off course multiple times before it crashed into the sky, eventually saving Tilted Towers.

Credits | /u/Discount_Pringles

Since the introduction of the time fracture in the sky, players have been noticing that the sky fracture/rift has been expanding ever since. While there’s no clue or evidence of what’s about to happen next, players are expecting that the whole dilemma is about to take a turn and that the story isn’t over yet.

There’s definitely a lot that’s still to be revealed. As Fortnite’s Season 4 comes to an end, there’s a huge possibility that tells us that there would be a follow up that’s about to come ahead within the next week.

I would personally predict that the inter-dimensional fracture would push players back in time since leaks suggested that Fortnite’s about to give the game’s map a major overhaul setting itself in the pre-historic greek era.


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