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Xiaomi’s Mi MiX 3 Could Actually Pack A Pop-Up Camera

Xiaomi’s definitely one of the best players in the budget market. With the inception of their Mi Mix lineup, Xiaomi introduced a whole breed of smartphones. The Mi Mix, at its inception revamped the bezel-less trend after Sharp failed to make a run for its money. Android OEMs followed suit and has since then been evolving non-stop.

The original Mi Mix was unique for its “bezel-less design”. The phone did have quite a chin, but due to how unique it was at the time, it was called bezel-less. The Mi Mix 3 is set to be the third installment making its way into the Mi Mix lineup.

According to the rumors that have been surfacing, it seems like Xiaomi could be preparing for the launch of the Mi Mix 3 soon. According to the source, it seems like Xiaomi could be following Vivo’s suit with the introduction of a popup camera. If true, this could lead quite a number of OEMs to follow suit as well just to chase for the bezel free trend. Rivaling brands would also try to push the envelope further allowing new ideas to be made along the road.

Regarding specs, we should expect some high-end inners since Xiaomi’s all about boasting those specs. With the Mi Mix 3, you’re looking at a Snapdragon 845, possibly upto 8GB of RAM and upto 128GB of internal storage. Pretty typical for a flagship nowadays. Regarding pricing, its definitely going to be a tad bit higher compared to the Mi8. Rumors also suggest that Xiaomi could be releasing the device in September which isn’t that too far off of the competition.

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