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Battlefield V Dev Confirms The Removal of The ADAD Spam

Let's See How Movement In Battlefield V Adapts After This

The folks over at DICE has been very active at keeping everyone hyped about the next big thing, Battlefield V. We’re less than two months away from the official release of Battlefield V and it seems like the questions keep coming in. Given how enthusiastic the team over at DICE has been over the past few months, it seems like they have a strong grasp of what their players actually want from them.

Since Battlefield V is set to bring a ton of competitive principles into play, it seems like a ton of changes have been made across various mechanics of the game. The most recent example has to be the removal of the ADAD jiggle peak spam that has been a part of Battlefield titles for a while now.

After a user pointed out after noticing the issue, Core Gameplay Designer, Florian, confirmed that they have removed the jiggle peaking action that has been plaguing Battlefield titles for more than a while now. Florian said…

You also will not be able to ADAD spam in hip-fire anymore, we’re fixing that. But additionally, ADS will mean that you don’t get your camera kicked around if you get hit = more chances to fight back. + Higher HS multipliers which you are more likely to hit with ADS 🙂

He then further added and assured that hip-firing in Battlefield V is much different compared to Battlefield 1. Since jiggle peaking in a game like Battlefield V could be irritating on the receiver’s end, this should definitely add some competitive play into the game, especially when exposed to certain angles of a corner.

Given how much has changed from Battlefield 1, I’m hyped to personally see the competitive changes that have come into play when the Open Beta launches early next month on the September the 6th.

Battlefield V is set to launch on the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 family of consoles. At its release, Battlefield V is set to bring new standards to gaming with ray-tracing capabilities as well as bringing a much more competitive Battlefield V gameplay experience.

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