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CS:GO 29/8/18 Update- Optimizes Panorama For Low-End Systems And Brings A Free Version Of CSGO

Counter Strike is very well known for its highly competitive gameplay. Ever since the launch of CS:GO, Valve has announced some major changes to traditional Counter Strike experience by introducing skins, new UI elements and a whole lot more.

Counter Strike Global Offensive saw first major change since Scale form earlier this year with the introduction of their new Panorama UI, a GUI interface that aims to bring a much more refined approach to CS:GO’s competitive environment while streamlining the whole user experience.

Today, Valve has finally put Scaleform to rest. Users who had been avoiding Panorama would no longer be able to use the “-legacyscaleformui” and would be forced to use Panorama.

The patch notes added that Valve has optimized Panorama for low end systems as well with this update.

With this update, Valve also announced a free version of CSGO to get users into experiencing what CSGO is all about. Users who do opt to get the free version of CSGO would be limited to offline game play but would be able to view live tournaments and matches via GOTV.

Additional digging through the patch notes revealed updates regarding the Steam Controller and some bug fixes for textures on Mirage.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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