Fortnite Rakes In An Additional $200 Million From iOS Devices 5 Months Into Its Launch

Fortnite has definitely taken the gaming world by storm. It’s one of those games that requires no introduction nowadays. As Fortnite continues to keep the enthusiasm of its players on the roof, Fortnite is making sure that the profits are being maximized. Sure, business is business, right?

Fortnite had landed on iOS devices 5 months ago. The game supported a limited number of devices due to its mid to high-end requirements. However, that hasn’t stopped the developers from raking in cash from mobile platforms as well. After gaining massive success from consoles and gaming PCs, the mobile market has been crucial for Epic Games as well.

Epic Games released the game on Apple’s iOS store five months ago due to how strict Apple is regarding sideloading apps on their devices. Since Epic Games had no way in, Epic had to release their game via the iOS store, which in turn, gave Apple a cut from the in-game transactions.

While their recent moves on Android may seem to be controversial, it’s likely that Android devices may not bring as much of success as Apple’s devices have had. Not only has Epic decided to distribute the game privately due to how open the Android ecosystem is, but it has also saved the company in millions swaying its way out from Google’s cut for the in-game transactions.

According to Sensor Tower, it seems like the game has been killing it lately. Sensor Tower reports that the game has brought in over $200 million in revenue for the company as the company continues the expand and quench the enthusiasm of its players. Certainly a cheeky amount isn’t it.

Since Fortnite is the most successful title the studio, Epic Games has worked on to date, its likely that Epic is planning to keep the revenue stream steady as we head into 2019 where the competition could toughen. So far, the developers at Epic are excellent at keeping the game fresh with new content as well as offer excellent support over the requests from the community.

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