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Here’s When You’ll Be Able To Jump Into the COD:Black Ops 4 Beta

PlayStation 4 Players Who Pre-Ordered Now Have Access To The Beta

So its August the 3rd huh. The folks over at Activision have finally released their first BETA for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for PlayStation 4 players. It’s finally time to jump into the next big thing from the Black Ops franchise.

So When’s The Beta Launching?

Players on the PlayStation 4 would have access to the first two betas of the game over the next two weeks. Players who pre-ordered the game could simply start jumping into the game right now and experience what this new installment in the Call of Duty franchise is all about.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is a rather interesting release. It lacks a single player campaign mode. But in turn, does feature a full blown battle royale mode instead. This makes Black Ops 4 a multiplayer-centric title setting itself apart from its predecessors that usually prided themselves for their excellent storylines.

  • The first multiplayer beta weekend kicks off today at 10am Pacific Time and would be in full duty until the August the 6th, 10am Pacific Time, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.
  • In the following week, on August the 10th, the second multiplayer beta would commence, adding Xbox One and PC players into the scene. However, its not time yet for the Open Beta. This beta would still be restricted to players who pre-ordered the game on their respective platforms.
  • The following day, on August the 11th, the developers would commence an Open Beta for PC players regardless of their purchase of the game.
  • With both of the betas in full swing, the beta access would be pulled back from all three of the platforms by August the 13th at 10am Pacific Time.

For those who are eager to jump into the Black Ops 4’s all-new Battle Royale mode, you’re going to have to wait another month to have access to the additional Blackout Beta slated to launch somewhere in September.

Given that the dev team is taking PC players seriously, I would assume that they’re trying their best to make sure that they have enough time to optimize the game for before its final release in October. These were the dates and timings for the launch of the betas for COD:BO4.

There’s a ton of hopes that COD enthusiasts and FPS enthusiasts have with this COD release. While it is a bit unorthodox, I’m definitely looking forward for this launch later this year.



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