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Microsoft Introduces Two New Finishes To The Xbox Design Lab

The Shadow And Camo Finishes Are Now Available In The Xbox Design Lab

Microsoft definitely has a long history of keeping enthusiastic gamers excited with their peripherals. With the announcement of Microsoft’s Design Lab, Microsoft created a whole new genre of customization of Xbox One players. The Xbox Design Lab is best known for allowing Xbox One players to create their own uniquely designed controllers. As Microsoft says, there’s a billion ways to create your own Xbox One controller.

Recently, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Design Lab has added to new finishes into the mix, namely, camo and shadow. There’s also the option to add some metallic finished to the back shoulders and the D-Pad for even more sweetness.

Camo Finish In The Xbox Design Lab
Microsoft’s new Camo finish makes an entry into the Xbox Design Lab

These two new finishes adds a $9.99 premium on top of the standard $69.99 controller as well as a $2.99-$3.99 premium for those metallic finishes depending on where you wish to apply them.

Given how much customization Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab is offering, I’d bet that many gamers wouldn’t mind picking up any of these controllers. Overall, these to new special finishes should add some extra flair to your Xbox One controller and indeed, these things are definitely exciting for the gaming community.

Shadow Finish In The Xbox Design Lab
Microsoft’s new Shadow finish makes an entry into the Xbox Design Lab

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