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Nintendo Announces Interactive Labo Workshops Across The US

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has garnered a ton of confidence and attention. Since then, apart from launching games Nintendo had announced Labo, the Nintendo Labo, that is. The Nintendo Labo allows users to have real life objects made of cardboard that would help you bridge the gap between reality and in game.

The idea was amazing and could definitely encourage a ton of kids to get creative with this technology. There’s a number designs as well as a selection of titles that really take the use of the Nintendo Labo to the next level. However given how well this was planned, it makes me wonder what Nintendo has in store for the future.

If you do want to try out these Nintendo Labo games and cardboard-based objects, Nintendo has opened a number of workshops across the US showcasing what its all about. Here’s the locations.

Phoenix, Arizona
Orange County, California
Baltimore, Maryland
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Denver, Colorado
Knoxville, Tennessee
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Charlotte, North Carolina
Savannah, Georgia
Seattle, Washington


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