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Nvidia Officially Unveils The RTX 2080Ti, 2080 and 2070 – Starts At $499

Nvidia has officially announced their latest series of GPUs after a long run from Pascal. The first batch of GPUs Nvidia is announcing is the 2080Ti, 2080 and 2070.

All three of these GPUs are bringing major improvements over their predecessors. These new GPUs make 4K/60FPS gaming more than a reality after to considerable improvements their predecessors have made. In fact, Nvidia claims that these GPUs are upto 6x faster than their Pascal predecessors and that the 2070 even faster than the Titan XP.

Since Ray-Tracing has become such a huge influence and that tensor cores are the way moving forward, the emphasis these cards have put into the technology are immense. Each and every GPU revealed today are way faster than the generation before them.

Nvidia Officially Unveils The RTX 2080Ti, 2080 and 2070 - Starts At $499 4

Everything seems to be very impressive. However, what was pretty disturbing from the event was the use of these new metrics that are geared towards ray-tracing rather than your usual TFLOPs and FPS metrics. None of that was shown at the event. Instead, everything they had revealed was simply showed off the possibilities of ray-tracing and that’s it. Certain games would obviously take advantage of this, but regarding how fast these cards would be in raw gaming performance has me thinking what Nvidia plans to showcase when they finally release these cards on the 20th of September.

Regarding the design of Nvidia’s Founders Edition of these cards, I would say that the last generation shroud design was way better than this. What we are keen on is how well these GPUs would perform in real life when the reviews drop.

GeForce GPU Ray Tracing Performance* Memory Starting At Founders Edition
RTX 2080 Ti 10 GigaRays/sec 78T RTX-OPS 11GB $999 $1,199
RTX 2080 8 GigaRays/sec 60T RTX-OPS 8GB $699 $799
RTX 2070 6 GigaRays/sec 45T RTX-OPS 8GB $499 $599

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