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Oppo R17 Hands On Leak

It has been almost a week since the first leak came out about the Oppo R17. Since then a ton of rumors and leaks have came in but this one has got us exciting. Oppo R17 Hands On Leak 4

The above hands on picture was revealed recently which showoffs the back of the R17. Clearly we can see that the R17 will follow the footsteps of one of the most influential smartphone by Oppo, the Find X.Apart from the bezel less display on the Oppo Find X, the color “Bordeaux Red” gained a lot of attraction. With a smooth seaming design towards the edges of a magenta shade and it fades as we come towards the center of the device.

The rear will consist of a dual camera setup, pretty common in 2018. Looking at the geometry of the smartphone, which looks a lot similar to the Find X instead of it’s predecessor.However, we do not see any type of a fingerprint scanner at the rear and chances are that there won’t be any fingerprint scanner at the front either. Due to the race for screen to body ratios, we are more than positive that Oppo will continue to use their facial recognition features here. This means that Oppo are confident that fingerprint sensors are worth replacing and their technology will successfully replace them. All we can do is wait and hope for the best.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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