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Xiaomi’s Mi8 Is Worthless Now That The Pocophone F1 Is Out? Not so fast…

The Pocophone F1 is without a doubt one of the biggest game changers in the smartphone market throughout Asia. The sub-brand from Xiaomi has announced a device that is set to lit the budget market on fire with it’s beastly specs and barley mid-range pricing.

The Pocophone F1 sports the latest and greatest Snapdragon 845 SoC, up to 8GB RAM, upto 256GB of UFS 2.1 internal storage as well as a large 4000mAh battery. To cool things off, the Pocophone F1 sports a vapor-chamber liquid cooler as well as a nice plastic body to aid those burning sessions of use.

So, what’s the point with of Xiaomi’s Mi8 then? Isn’t that a factor to jeopardize the sales of Xiaomi’s flagship killer? Well, kind off. You see, what’s kind of being shrugged under the rug with the release of the Pocophone F1 is the lack of a few features that may be meaningful to many. Sure, the F1 sports a larger battery, a microSD card slot and heck, even a headphone jack, but that isn’t the complete story.

The Pocophone F1 lacks OIS on it’s rear cameras that has basically become a standard of flagships nowadays. In addition to that, the Pocophone F1 also lacks an AMOLED display, NFC and the killer premium looks of the Mi8. This is what the folks at Pocophone were referring to when they said that they want the device to be as practical it could be with its minimal appearance and beastly specs.

OIS is really crucial for smartphones nowadays, often reserved for flagship smartphones. Not only does OIS help stabilize the shot, but it also helps in taking images in low-light situations and in stabilizing video recordings.

These are the factors that would dictate the difference between the Mi8 and the Pocophone F1. As we all know, a ton of theae extra features often go untouched in many smartphones. With a toned down version of the Mi8, Xiaomi’s is basically taunting at it’s competition.

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