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RTX 2080 Ti Battlefield V Gameplay Featuring Ray-Tracing Revealed – Stutters Everywhere

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Nvidia recently announced the successors to their Pascal lineup of GPUs by showcasing their first batch of Turing GPUs, the RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080 Ti. With this launch, Nvidia is putting a ton of emphasis on the ray-tracing capabilities of their new Turing GPUs.

Soon after Nvidia showcased all three of their new GPUs, murmurs around the internet suggested that Nvidia’s new Turing GPUs run awfully while ray-tracing is enabled. Ramifications continued to flood the internet when PC gamers found that Nvidia has completely gone away with the frames per second and TFLOPs metric that many are accustomed to. This resulted in a ton of confusion throughout the PC gaming community that eventually led users to believe that these new cards aren’t that much faster than the last-gen, Pascal lineup of GPUs.

Update: The folks over at DICE and a few content creators on YouTube have uploaded gameplay from Battlefield V with RTX enabled. However, none of the videos nor hint or showcase the FPS market on them. ( Added two more videos featuring Battlefield V with RTX enabled )

Since Battlefield V is one of the earliest adopters of ray-tracing with Nvidia, Nvidia decided that Battlefield V would be the perfect product to showcase the applications of ray-tracing and now we have some gameplay footage of the RTX 2080 Ti running Battlefield V with ray-tracing enabled.

The user was able to max out all of the graphics options in Battlefield V but was limited to 1920 x 1080. As expected, graphically the game looked very compelling. However, there were no FPS numbers or any benchmarks reported by the uploader of the video.

Looking closer at the gameplay did, however, add some fuel to the fire by revealing stutters every minute throughout the gameplay. And for a card that costs $1299 running at 1080p, it doesn’t look very promising for now. Do note that the game was tested on the RTX Alpha of Battlefield V which wouldn’t fully give away the full story for Nvidia’s new GPUs and what they’re actually bringing to the table. However, given how much time is left for the folks over at EA to launch the game, it seems like the game is in its final stages prior to its launch in October.

However, given that the drivers for these cards aren’t final that the folks over at DICE believe strongly that ray-tracing would become a standard, it seems like it could be a matter of time before time tells the real story.


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