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Samsung Offers Pre-Ordered 128GB Note 9 Users The 512GB Variant

Samsung sure isn’t generous, but it seems like they’re becoming too generous with the launch of the Note 9. Earlier this week, Samsung announced their next big thing, the Note 9. The Note 9 brought a mixed bag of feeling to the table featuring beefier RAM and internal storage options as well as a larger battery for those who were scarred by the launch of the Note 7 a few years ago.

Samsung has started accepting pre-orders for their Note 9 globally, and it seems like Samsung’s offering a pretty generous package to Singaporean customers. According to Samsung Singapore’s website, customers who pre-ordered the Note 9 128GB variant are automatically entitled to get the 512GB variant for free. This is a massive deal for those enthusiastic buyers who were waiting for the Note 9 for more than a while.

Not only is does the beefier Note 9 sport a 512GB internal ROM, but it also sports even beefier 8GB RAM compared to the base Note 9’s 6GB RAM.

This, in tandem with the $1000 price tag may seem a bit more enticing for the folks in Singapore. However, given how generous Samsung has been in the past, I wouldn’t bet on this offer following suit on other countries.


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