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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Simply Implies That They’re Holding Back For the S10

Samsung recently announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 earlier this month. After a series of rumors and leaks suggesting minimal changes to the Note 9, many consumers were let down after Samsung finally unveiled the Note 9.

Since there’s two sides to the story of the Note 9, I would say that we shouldn’t have expected much from Samsung anyways. At this point, it seems like Samsung has basically maximized everything they could have done when they first launched the S8. And if it weren’t for the whole bezel-less trend, we could have seen such a setback after the S7.

The Galaxy Note 9 in itself is an excellent device. I mean, what would you hate about the Note 8 in the first place except for that fingerprint scanner placement? Not only did the Note 9 re-position the fingerprint scanner, but they also gave the battery capacity a massive bump following the Note 7 debacle.

At this point, it seems like Samsung has hit the ceiling for its own good. It seems like the Korean company is looking elsewhere to expand its presence. Afterall, Samsung has become more than just a top-notch smartphone brand, haven’t they? Things that set them apart are now being distributed by themselves. From sAMOLED displays to image sensors, Samsung continues to reutilize these components with many of their recent releases showing that the company is planning to expand elsewhere.

Several leaks and renders have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S10 would be the game changer for Samsung. Given how much Samsung has been slowing down the hype game for the smartphone division, it’s likely that Samsung could have been holding back for the launch of the S10 is the first place.

So far, we’ve learnt that the Samsung Galaxy S10 would come in three variants, codenamed, beyond 0, 1 and 2. Beyond 0, which would be the entry-level variant of the S10 is said to pack a single camera sensor on its rear as well as pack the smallest screen of the two other devices. Beyond 1 and 2 would pack a dual camera and triple camera setup as well as a fingerprint sensor embedded under the display, similar to what Vivo has with the Nex series of devices.

Given how aggressively these Chinese companies are pushing forward, it seems like Samsung could be holding back on purpose for the launch of the S10. Sure, that may seem pity, but when you see Samsung feeling as desperate about leaking its own ads, twice in a row, through its official channels, Samsung knows that they are holding back and need to get through the sales of the S9 and Note 9.

Aside from those improvements, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is said to pack the unannounced Exynos 9820. This SoC should bring some performance improvements as well as a host of new features that integrate AI as well as some form of transition into 5G. Since this would be Samsung’s 10th anniversary device, it seems like this could be the whole reason why Samsung could be holding back.

Since this is an opinion that serves no official purpose, Samsung’s recent moves have definitely seemed feel like an empty cookie jar. The aggressively innovative Korean giant has to come up with something that would allow it set itself apart from the Chinese competition. Let’s hope that this is the reason.

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