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Samsung Releases Yet Another Teaser Before Galaxy Note 9

Open your history books, tech fanatics

Samsung’s prepping for launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 later this month. At the Unpacked event, set to unveil on August the 9th, Samsung’s set to reveal the long-awaited Galaxy Note 9 to the world. As we get closer and closer, Samsung’s social media team is definitely in full swing.

Recently, Samsung Malaysia has announced yet another teaser trailer before the release of the Note 9. The teaser trailer details and highlights the the history of Galaxy Note devices over the years from the original Galaxy Note to the Galaxy Note 8 from last year. From the introduction of the S-Pen to the continuous new features being added with every iteration in the series such as IP68 rating and the curved edges. Samsung has come a long way, no one could doubt that!

Personally speaking, with the launch of the Note 9, we aren’t expecting anything ground-breaking from Samsung this year. It seems like Samsung’s purposefully holding back a few tricks up its sleeve for the launch of the S10 leaks next year. Sure, the Note 9 is coming with its fair share of improvements, but are they really that big of a deal?

Based on everything we’ve learnt from the Galaxy Note 9’s leaks and renders, the Note 9 without a doubt would be a great device. How great? That’s what I want Samsung to show off at the Unpacked event next week.


Usman Abdul Jabbar

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