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Even More Renders Of The Xperia XZ3 Leak

The Future For Xperia Remains Unclear

Sony has been quite active in terms of their latest flagship phone the XZ3. As we have talked countless times about Sony. The new press render photos only verify what was predicted. Sony has once again played the odd ball among every other smartphone in the market. Sure Sony has not been the best and the best selling smartphone maker but it does have a fan base and fans demand progress and innovation.

Even More Renders Of The Xperia XZ3 Leak 2
Pressed Renders – Courtesy mysmartprice

The above picture clearly depicts the approach and the state of mind by Sony. They have decided to stay on the non-notched team along side Samsung and have polished the geometry of the phone, bumped up the specs and thats about it.

Sony have a long history of polishing their designs over time and following the same footsteps of the very first Xperia Z. We see no dual camera setup atleast for the base model, not so amazing screen to body ratios and definitely nothing “New”.

Sony has to step up their game in order to keep their fans loyal. One more reason for Sony not trying hard enough or trying at all to compete with the modern smartphone market could be them doing so well in other departments that they don’t find it necessary to even make smartphones. Their sales have not been outstanding and hence the profits also decline.

In the end all I would like to say is that the Xperia lineup was for sure a treat for numerous people but here Sony’s intentions for it’s future are yet unclear.

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