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Xiaomi Mi A2 Price Reveal On Amazon India

Xiaomi has been a game changer in the smartphone markets. However their impact has been the greatest in India. With the world’s fastest growing demand for technology, Xiaomi have focused India as a special target and an opportunity.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Price Reveal On Amazon India 2

The picture above shows the Amazon store page in India. It is clear that Amazon have leaked the actual price of the smartphone and it will cost around 17 thousand INR roughly equal to 250$. At this price point Xiaomi is sure to give a hard time to it’s competition and other brands in the region will have to step up their game.

With the unbeatable price to performance ratio by Xiaomi even brands like Apple & Samsung are threatened. 

As we have discussed countless times how Xiaomi has been making weird choices in the Indian markets which may worry tech enthusiasts from all over the globe for India is getting a special treatment from Xiaomi. 

The Mi A2 releases today in India and for a device with quick charge 4.0 factory enabled besides that the offer is too compelling. So go ahead and get yourself a Mi A2 if you are looking for a budget device with quality specs and practicality. 

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