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Xiaomi’s MiX 2S, Mi8 And Pocophone F1 Run Google’s Camera APK Without Root

Xiaomi’s stronghold in the Asian market can’t be overlooked. Fans all around the world are excited for Xiaomi’s launches throughout the globe. Thanks to it’s budget pricing and consumer friendly measures, Xiaomi has managed to build itself a strong presence of developers who are more than willing to contribute ROMs, tweaks and guides for Xiaomi’s lineup of devices.

Ever since the launch of the original Google Pixel from 2016, Google has found itself in a very comfortable spot showcasing what it’s devices could achieve in the photography department. Since then, developers have come together to port Google’s official camera app from Google’s Pixel devices, allowing users to enjoy the photography experience Google wants you to have.

With developers trying their best to stay on top of the game, it’s only natural for Xiaomi’s developer community to port Google’s camera APK to Xiaomi’s lineup of devices. Since the MiX 2S, Mi 8 and Pocophone F1 sport the same camera sensor and necessary APIs, it seems like a single pothole has allowed not one, but all three of Xiaomi’s flagship devices run Google’s Camera APK without rooting or unlocking the bootloader.

A simple search and navigation through the XDA forum for Xiaomi’s respective devices should reveal that installing the camera app is as simple as installing the apk file. That saved quite a hassle, didn’t it?

Given how much respect people offer for Google’s stock Android experience, tech-savvy consumers often love to try out these tweaks to enhance their devices despite running on one of the most popular skins on Android, MIUI. Sure, MIUI is clean and all, but often, crossing the river and trying what Google has to offer doesn’t hurt, does it?

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