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AMD’s Ryzen Platform Helps Accelerate Ray-Tracing Too, Says AMD – Nvidia’s Not Alone

A recent interaction between the folks over at AMD with a Japanese publication, 4Gamer, uncovered some cheesy news where the folks over at AMD believe that their Ryzen platform is just as important for ray-tracing as Nvidia’s RTX cards are. 4Gamer asked the folks over at AMD, what it believes about Nvidia’s moves towards ray-tracing, Adam Kozak.

AMD’s Adam Kozak justified that the folks over at EA have been using AMD’s Ryzen platform to accelerate the development within the Frostbite engine. He said,

I do not know if it is synonymous with your intended “acceleration”, but I will add that what Frostbite actually said that “Ryzen’s processor can also accelerate (raytracing)” please. [Translated from Japanese] – Adam Kozak, AMD

Last month, Nvidia finally announced their new fleet of GPUs. According to Nvidia, these new GPUs are focused on pushing ray-tracing to the forefront and has been a staple for what seems to be in the market for years. At the debut of Nvidia’s new lineup of cards, Nvidia showcased a number of titles that would take advantage of ray-tracing. Soon after the fact, a number of studios showcased ray-tracing enabled gameplay.

But that wasn’t the end, soon after the announcement of these new cards, namely, the RTX 2080, 2080Ti and 2070, DICE showcased closed RTX builds of Battlefield V showcasing the immense amount of improvements ray-tracing has to offer and has become one of the most important titles to look out for if you want a feel for how ray-tracing may improve your gameplay experience. Developers from DICE have even gone as far to actually say that ray-tracing would become the standard within a year or two and should be arriving on consoles too by then.

Let’s hope that’s the case and that AMD continues to push their Ryzen platform. What remains to be cleared is how AMD is planning to tackle Nvidia’s new lineup of GPUs now that they have the Ryzen platform under the hood.

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