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Battlefield V Devs Detail Feedback – Believe Gameplay Should Be Faster & Tanks Are Well-Balanced

Oh boy has it been an incredible month for the folks over at DICE. Earlier this month, they finally announced the Open Beta on schedule for Battlefield V. Since the Open Beta has played a crucial part in paving the way for EA’s major releases, it seems like the folks over at EA have gathered quite a lot of feedback from the event.

Just like the last dev talk, David Sirland and Daniel Berlin made their second appearance elaborating on what they found from player behavior and feedback from the Open Beta. The whole dev talk covers a number of topics across the board and it seems like EA has finally gathered all the information they need to polish the game for it’s final launch. Among the key points discussed was about attrition, TTK, fortification and a wider spectrum of how they intend to balance the game.

Daniel Berlin, the Design Director for Battlefield V, took notice of how players felt that the gameplay in the current build of Battlefield V seemed to be slow. He agreed that the current build of Battlefield V introduced a slow-paced gameplay environment. Not only that, but he went as far to say that he wants the game to be full of chaos, while also maintaining a number of players alive within the map while others spawn back in.

Following that, he also noticed that a number of players were being punished by long respawn times simply because a medic failed to revive them. According to them, they’re intending to change tweak it so that if a player is down and is requesting for help, that player won’t be punished in the lobby screen if he held on and any medic fails to revive him.

Later on, both David Sirland and Daniel Berlin were switched for Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Jesper Hylling who are responsible for working on the vehicles in Battlefield V.

They took notice of how players were complaining how slow the tanks are. However, Patrick O’Shaughnessy clarified that he believes that the tanks are quite balanced and that the Open Beta didn’t give players a full view of how tanks work in the game. He says that in terms of weight, the tank in Battlefield V could be considered as a medium tank. He said that the final game would include a much heavier tank and a light tank, namely, the Hamada Valentine MK1 and the Hamada Panzer 38(T)

Each types of these tanks would obviously serve their tasks well if used appropriately given that they have they’re set of advantages and disadvantages.

On top of that, based on how much damage a given tank has endured, it would affect how fast the turret moves regardless of the tank model and size.

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