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Battlefield V Devs Intend To Fix Disappearing Tanks

The folks over at EA may have quite a while before they launch Battlefield V in full swing. While the Open BETA of the game was fairly well received, DICE still has to fix a few issues present in the game. Players reported issues with broken lobbies, glitches and even disappearing tanks.

Given how EA has decided to push the release date for Battlefield V a month into the future, it seems like the folks over at EA would take full advantage of the extra time they may have on their hands. After users reported about their tanks suddenly disappearing, the folks over at EA have taken notice of the issue and should be on their way fixing the issue with the game before it’s final launch in November. A user tweeted to one of the devs over at EA regarding the issue of the disappearing tank with a video revealing the bug.

In the video, the user finds himself using the tank across the Rotterdam map, a map that has become a fan-favorite ever since players first got their hands on it with the Open BETA. The user was seemingly kicked from his tank and found that his tank had suddenly disappeared into the blues.

One of the devs over at EA has taken notice and said that he has seen this issue a few times before he reported it. Core Gameplay Designer at DICE, Florian said…

I’ve seen it quite a few times, thanks for reporting!

There’s approximately two months before Battlefield V finally makes its way to the shelves. Since the Open BETA has proven to be such an immense tool for them to gather as much data and bug reports, it’s likely that they’ve caught most of the bugs. Hopefully, DICE would fix them before the final launch of the game.

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