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Battlefield V Receives A Thorough Insight – New Features & Modes Revealed

Battlefield V open beta is out for players wanting to test out the game and enjoy the emersive WW2 gameplay in different multiplayer modes. Battlefield released their latest trailer giving us the insight of what the game will hold.

First off Battlefield have added quite a few new modes beside the fan favorite Conquest, Front-line & Death-match. Firstly we have “Grand Operations” in which players will be able to witness and experience historic battles spanning over multiple modes and maps, Grand Operations will consist of 4 in-game days of high octane battle.Secondly we have “Airborne” mode in which players will be able to parachute into live conflicts. Along with that we have “Breakthrough” & “Final Stand” modes as well.

But what caught my attention was Battlefield’s version of Battle Royale mode. It has been a trend all over the globe for Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite gaining a lot of player base and it will be interesting to see how Battlefield’s Battle Royale will cope up with that.

The most influencing mode, “Firestorm” will consist of 16 four men squads competing against each other to become the last squad standing. They claim that the players will be able to enjoy the game in the largest ever Battlefield map filled with ton of destructible machinery, vehicles and the Battlefield classic destructible environment.

Furthermore they claim to have improved game mechanics like a  much fluid player movement along with predictable weapon spray patterns. They’ve also added key new features such as building sand bag walls and building cover much inspired by Fortnite.

As far as single player is concerned players will experience untold stories of WW2 and will dive right into the immersive action. I will not talk about the single player experience much because it is that one thing which is best experienced by self.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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