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Bluehole Adds A Quick Marker For PUBG – A Temporary Marker For Swift Communication

As we head deeper into September, the folks over at Bluehole have released yet another update that not only fixes bugs, but also brings meaningful improvements.

After adding the Takshai in the previous update for players who enjoy playing in Sanhok, the latest addition in PUBG with update #21 is the new Quick Marker. This new quick marker allows you to swiftly mark a generation direction to call out for your team mates. Say that you see an enemy ahead but your team mates can’t, you could give them a direction of where the enemy has just been spotted. Since this may be intrusive if enabled for long sessions, the Quick Marker lasts for 5 seconds on your map and then disappear until reactivated.

To activate the quick marker in the latest patch, simply press the Alt and middle scroll of your mouse in the direction you’re willing to point at.

This would be an excellent addition for people who love to squad up in PUBG. Not only is this really convenient, but this should also improve the communication and attention of your team when its most needed.

The latest update is live and should be a viable option once you update your game through Steam today.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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