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Bluehole Introduces Two New Items To PUBG – Adds The MK47 Mutant And Laser Sight

While being succeeded by Fortnite may have been a big hit for the folks over at Bluehole, it hasn’t discouraged the developers from adding new meaning stuff to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The latest addition coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the new MK47 Mutant and Laser Sight attachment. So let’s talk a bit about these two new additions.

The new laser attachment has made its way to PUBG. The new laser attachment makes it an excellent pickup for folks who love to hip-fire with their rifles. With the new laser sight, players would experience much more accurate sprays thanks to the reduced spread of the bullets.

According to the details provided by the folks over at Bluehole, when attached to a rifle or a piston, only the player who has equipped his/her gun with the laser sight would be able to see the laser beam coming out of the gun. The laser sight, however, can only be seen with the normal 1x scope and should disappear during long distance battles.

The next addition making its way to PUBG is the new MK47 Mutant Rifle.

The new MK47 Mutant Rifle features two rails above and below the gun for your attachments. The gun is able to shoot single or two shot bursts and would easily be outperformed by many auto SMGs and rifles in PUBG. However, given that the gun shoots in bursts, the MK47 is accurate upto 150m, deals up to 49 damage per shot and should be an excellent choice for long-range gunfights, especially when you have a decent scope attached to it. Here’s the stats for the rifle.

Bluehole Introduces Two New Items To PUBG - Adds The MK47 Mutant And Laser Sight 4

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