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Bluehole Introduces The Flare Gun In PUBG’s Latest Open Beta – Spawn Crates For Some Precious Loot

Oh boy has Bluehole been ridinb horses lately. The devs have been more active than they ever were over the past year.

The latest addition coming to PUBG in latest public beta is the new Flare Gun. In various games, the flare gun introduces a number of functions, typically used to reveal enemy location on the minimap in the Battlefield franchise. However, the case of PUBG instead it exposes you to other players while you wait for your care package to drop in front of you.

The special care package would be good for upto two players with a set of guns and other things depending on how you’ve queued up, solo, duo or as a sqaud and where you shoot the flare gun from, either inside or outside the circle. If you shoot the flare gun within the circle, prepare for some sweet loot. However, if you shoot it outside the circle you couls save yourself by spawning a UAZ. Bluehole devs say that they’re still thinking of something to replace the UAZ with, however thats another story for another day.

The public beta is open from September the 21st and would run until October the first. If positive feedback is aqcuired, then the folks over at PUBG are intending to add the flare gun to the regular modes within the game.

The more people that participate in the beta, the more data they’ll be able to acquire and make their final decision.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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