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Bluehole Releases Yet Another Vehicle For PUBG – Adds The Tukshai

The folks over at PUBG have been very active lately. After a number players started moving towards other games, the folks over at PUBG have been trying their very best to add fresh content to the game.

Aside from adding new guns and maps, the folks over at Bluehole have just added yet another vehicle to PUBG. Dubbed as the Tukshai, players would now be able to roam across maps on a three-wheeler.

The vehicle is exclusive to the recently announced Sanhok map and is said to be the slowest of all previous vehicles released before it. However, it isn’t all bad, the Tukshai is capable of seating a total of three people. In case you’re playing in a 4-man squad, get ready to revise the “compromise” lesson or abandon it all together. However, if you’re solo or are playing as a duo, the Tukshai should be suffice for a friend or two to roam around Sanhok for the better part.

The folks over at PUBG claim that they’re keeping the Tukshai as a Sanhok exclusive due to how well it matches the environment and intends to keep it that way.


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