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Candy Crush Saga Revenue Increases By 7%

Candy Crush Saga released by King is new to almost nobody. The game took the Smartphone/Tablet world by storm with literally everyone playing the game from children to adults and from gamers to non gamers.

It was one of the first games which took the smartphone gaming industry to a whole new level alongside some other titles like Subway Surfers and Labyrinth etc. People may think that the hype may have died down by Candy Crush since it was released way back in 2012. Ever since thousands and thousands of games have been published on the App Store & Google Play collectively but Candy Crush held it’s position firmly.
Candy Crush Saga Revenue Increases By 7% 4
According to a survey by  Store Intelligence revenues for each day reached to a handsome $3.9 million. A 7% increment from last year’s $3.6 million. This boost allows them to make into the top 25 puzzle games worldwide on iOS & Android for 2018.

Taking this information into consideration we can see that the hype never died down and with King constantly adding new content to the game the community is sure to grow, increase and stay active.
King also released sequels for the original game namely Candy Crush Soda Saga & Candy Crush Jelly Saga. These sequels featured a totally new environment for players with the original concept being the same.

This move enabled King to gain popularity in the puzzle genre all around on every platform. It is clear that Candy Crush is not dying anytime soon and with the support things are going well for the franchise.


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