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EA Celebrates FIFA’s Success Over The Years – 24M FIFA 18 & 260M Franchise Copies Sold

Electronic Arts has definitely come a long way. Since the earliest days of console gaming to pioneering what it means to cultivate the power of gaming PCs, the company has been a leader at showcasing what they’re capable of. Despite all of the flack the company gets, the company hasn’t shied away from its core franchises. One of it’s biggest franchises has to be the FIFA franchise, a franchise that cultivates soccer for the enthusiastic soccer fanatic.

With the success of FIFA over the years defining what the company has been working on for the past few years, its fair to say that the company has definitely shown what it has done to cater its audience.

Today, the folks over at EA, announced the success that they’ve garnered over the past few years. They celebrated and announced a few key figures regarding the FIFA franchise and without a doubt, it looks impressive.

According to EA, they’ve sold over 260 Million FIFA copies to that. Out of which 24 Million FIFA 18 copies have been sold to date. Given that it has been just eleven whole months since FIFA 18 dropped, it’s impressive to see how far EA has come given how diversified its platforms have become. And given how well smartphones have risen to the gaming scene over the past few years, it seems like the success has been as equally attractive for EA.

EA also reports that FIFA has been the best-selling sports video game of all-time regardless of the type of sport which is really impressive.

Since the next FIFA title, FIFA 19 is supposed to drop later this month, there’s a ton of expectations to be met by EA Vancouver. Hopefully they’ll be able to get it through.

FIFA 19 is said to launch September 28th, 2018 on the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation. Players who have subscribed to EA’s new Origin Access Premier plan should be able to access the game much earlier than the rest of the players.

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