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Epic Games Adds Singaporean Servers For Fortnite – Players Can’t Specifically Choose Singapore Servers

Singaporean servers have been home to the largest amount of gaming servers for the SEA region. After a number of requests and close monitoring, the folks over at Epic Games have decided to expand their servers into Singapore.

Singapore’s excellent infrastructure has catered gamers around the South East Asian region. With the servers finally going live today, it seems like the happy news may not be all that glamorous. According to the folks over at Epic, while they have added the region, that doesn’t mean that players would specifically be able to connect to Singaporean servers all the time.

According to Epic Games, players would be able to connect to Singaporean servers only if the specific conditions allow it. If the Singaporean servers are full, players would be routed towards the usual Asian servers that are actually located in Tokyo, Japan. Epic is calling this move, ‘Sub-region’ matchmaking. Asia would be the first region to receive the advantages of such a move.

Given that this is just one of the fourteen additional Fortnite servers we reported on last month, we’re still hoping to see what Epic comes up with for the rest of the thirteen regions across the globe.

It would be interesting to see if the rest of the thirteen servers would actually follow the same trait with the sub-region treatment.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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