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Fortnite’s Update v5.40 Breaks Challenge Credits – No Credits For Damaging Jewel Carrying Opponents

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Fortnite’s latest update seems to be breaking the game’s credit system.

Recently, Epic released update v5.40 that brought some excellent change of pace to the game. Aside from just fixing a number of bugs, Epic also introduced their new High Stakes event.

With the latest High Stakes event, a few squads are selected to act in a heist trying to get away with safes around the island. These safes contain a large gem that forces players to get away with. The opposing force, with are the rest of the players are forced to stop these squads from getting away with the jewels.

In one of the challenges Epic introduced with update 5.40 regarding the High Stakes event, players were supposed to be awarded a number of credits for damaging the thieves in an attempt to stop them from getting away with the safes.

Soon after the update went live, players have been reporting that they aren’t getting the credits from damaging the thieves. Epic has just recently taken notice and has promised to investigate the issue and get back to the community what they have planned to get this fixed. In a tweet, they said…

We’re investigating an issue where some players aren’t receiving Challenge credit for damaging Jewel carrying opponents. We’ll update when we have more information.

Since players have waited for this update for such a long time its a bummer that this issue is plaguing the overall progress of players. In a bigger picture, given that Epic has been very open and active with the community, I’m confident that Epic is working on a solution for the issue and if possible, allow players who have completed their challenges to receive their credits without having to redo them.


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