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How Smart Home Technology Can Improve Your Gaming Experience

Smart home devices are not usually associated with improving a given users gaming experience. This is very understandable as such technology is most deeply recognized for improving ease of everyday appliances and their feature richness, as well as saving money. Smart home devices can provide quite the complementary experience to your gaming experience as you will discover. So what can it do for you?

The most profound change you can make is to add in smart light bulbs to your setup. The industry standard is set high with most brands of colored LED light bulbs offering 16 million colors. Your smartphone is the ultimate palette for this extensive and varied set of possibilities. The benefit here is to set the tone for your gaming by using colors that express certain moods. This is just scratching the surface though. Leading brands of smart light bulbs, such as Philips Hue, have designed software to enable a “sync” mode that intelligently interacts with your media. Essentially your smart light bulbs will change color, pulsate and adjust its brightness based on what your media, such as your video games are doing. This undoubtedly adds a new dimension to your gaming experience that you can play with.

Having to interrupt your gaming session to go and answer your front door is irritating, to say the least. We all know that is the worst when it comes to online gaming! One particularly crafty piece of smart kit is the video doorbell. This smart device is a camera that you place on your front door (surprising right!). This works hand in hand with a dedicated smartphone app that allows access 24 hours a day regardless of where you are in the world, provided that your Wi-Fi is reliable. This means you can answer your doorbell anytime, see whos there and even chat with them. The pioneering and best brand of the video doorbell is Ring, who recently sold out to Amazon for over $1 billion. A Ring doorbell comparison against other brands is frankly no match. This is a great security measure but it is also a pretty neat device that allows you to answer your door form your gaming chair.

The final piece of the piece of this ultimate smart home gaming set up is voice control. Remotes or smartphone apps to operate devices require you to use your hands and eyes to press the buttons. If you get yourself a smart hub with inbuilt voice recognition you can game and keep your hands on your controller to do anything. Whether it be turning your smart lighting sync mode on or setting a timer for food, you are covered thanks to the specialty of the top tech firms in their AI pursuits. The go-to option for this is, of course, the Amazon Echo series and the built-in Alexa.

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