Alleged iPhone XS, XC and XS Max Prices Leaked – Up To 512GB Internal Storage & $1299 MSRP

Apple’s about to reveal the next big thing within the next 48 hours. As we countdown for the keynote to start, it seems like the pricing and storage options have made their way online suggesting what we should be looking for with Apple’s keynote.

Details regarding Apple’s next big thing include the existence of three variants. As suggested by previous leaks, it seems like this leak also suggests that there’s three variants, namely, the iPhone XC, XS and XS Max. Out of the three varaints, the XC seems to be the entry-level model of the three devices and would be limited up to 256GB of internal storage. Meanwhile, the next two variants, that is, the iPhone XS and XS Max would be the higher end variants and would top off at 512GB of internal storage.

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The iPhone XC is said to start at $699, while the iPhone XS starts at $899, followed by the iPhone XS Max starts at $999. All three of the devices share the same base storage, each packing 64GB of internal storage. If you’re willing to increase the storage a notch further, the next option packs 256GB of internal storage. All three devices follow into the 256GB category. The 256GB variant of the iPhone XC is said to start at $849, while the iPhone XS is said to start at $1049, followed to the XS Max is said to start at $1149. Lastly, the iPhone XS and XS Max are the two devices that would have a 512GB option coming in at $1199 and $1299, respectively.

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Given Apple’s intentions to upgrade their internal storage to 512GB following Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, this could be indeed an excellent indication of both Apple and Samsung intending to up the base storage with upcoming flagships, exactly what we speculated a few months ago. However, taking into consideration that Apple isn’t very supportive of expanding your storage. Let’s hope that these details reign true with the launch of these new iPhones.


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