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LG Teases The V40 ThinQ – Expected To Pack A Triple Camera Setup On Its Rear

LG may be overlooked in the flagship market today. However, the company isn’t backing down yet. According to a recent teaser they uploaded to YouTube, it seems like LG has just teases some important information regarding the LG V40 ThinQ.

According to a teaser LG just published, the LG V40 seems to be packing a triple camera setup on its rear. Based on the video, we could see LG trying to showcase three difference camera scenes in a single video. This could most likely be an indication that LG is going to utilize three difference camera lenses for different scenes. We would speculate that aside from the main camera, the two other cameras would function as telephoto shooter and a wide angle shooter.

Given how much the dual camera market has diversified itself, it’s safe to say that LG may want to pack all of the goods under one roof. Since wide-angle shooters have been quite an LG favorite, it’s likely that LG may want to dive into the telephoto game as well for those excellent portrait shots after all.

The LG V40 ThinQ is expected to be revealed on October the 3rd. If you’ve been paying close attention to smartphone launches lately, you may find the reveal date a bit unorthodox given that Google usually announces their Pixel phones on that very date. Since Google has pushed the reveal date for it’s new lineup of Pixels forward, it safe to say that LG may want to reveal the device before the new Google Pixels arrive.

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