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Nokia Enables Bootloader Unlocking For The Nokia 8

Nokia has just decided to allow users of the Nokia 8 to unlock their bootloaders. In a tweet, Chief Product Office at HMD Global, Juho Sarvikas has just announced the news after taking the community’s feedback into consideration. Juho Sarvikas said on Twitter

To the passionate developer and modding community out there, we have news to share! You can now unlock the bootloader of your #Nokia8.

What’s interesting to note is that once you do unlock the bootloader on the Nokia 8, you would not be able to lock it again in the near future which is really risky. Now, this is one area where Xiaomi really excels. Not only are you able to do all sorts of stuff with your phone after unlocking the bootloader, but once you do return to MIUI, you can lock the bootloader again. But then again, since most users who unlock their bootloader usually gravitate towards a stock user experience, Nokia has that covered which seems the whole unlocking the bootloader feud a bit of an unnecessary request to fulfill. To unlock the bootloader, you would have to follow the instructions on the official Nokia webpage where it clearly states the negatives of unlocking a bootloader. Proceed with caution. The warnings read.

  • Once your phone is unlocked, it will no longer be covered by manufacturer’s limited warranty provide by HMD Global.
  • Once a device is unlocked, it cannot be undone.
  • Unlocking a device means you may lose some of its functionalities, including – but not limit to – telephone, radio, audio, video, payment, encryption and DRM.
  • After unlocking, all media and content on the device will be erased, and you will need to reinstall all applications.
  • Applications may not work anymore.
  • You could cause permanent/physical damage to your device.
  • Your device may become unsafe to the point of causing you harm.

Nokia’s top-of-the-line flagship, the Nokia 8 has been aging for a while now and is due for an update. The Nokia 8 features last-gen flagship internals. We’re looking at the Snapdragon 835 SoC, 6GB RAM and a 3090 mAh battery, a pretty typical spec sheet for a last-gen flagship.

We’re expecting Nokia to show off at least some flagship next month as it has revealed its plans to do so. Next to six other brands with their keynotes, Nokia would be revealing its Nokia 7.1 Plus and possibly the Nokia 9 next month. With fans anticipating for the launch of the Nokia 9 for more than a while now, users are now more than desperate than ever to see Nokia make a comeback, especially given that they’ve had an excellent run on the low-end budget market.

There’s definitely a ton of expectations to be met. Now that the folks over at HMD Global have taken the responsibility of Nokia after it barely survived with Microsoft

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