Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080 Nears The $399 Mark – Surveying Pascal Price Drops

Last week, Nvidia announced its next generation of Turing GPUs. The company is putting a ton of emphasis on ray-tracing technology with their new lineup of cards. So far, apart from the controversy, it seems like its not all bad for the PC gaming community as prices for the last-gen Pascal cards have taken a dive.

Now that the Bitcoin revolution has come to a halt and that Nvidia has announced their latest lineup of GPUs, it seems like now’s an excellent time to snag a GTX 1080. Since the GTX 1080 is such a beast of a card, you won’t regret picking it up for how well it performs even today.

Since we managed to spot the GTX 1080 going for a new low, we decided to lookup the lowest prices we could find for other graphics cards as well such as the GTX 1060, 1070 and 1070 Ti. Here’s what we could find.

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What seems to be the most intriguing deal has to be of the GTX 1080 for sure. Not only could you expect a few mail-in rebates for the card within a month or two, but you should also be getting amazing 4K performance with the GTX 1080 at just $409 given that a $20 mail-in rebate drops.

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Given that the RTX 2070 would just start at $499, I would be impressed to see how well the card performs compared to the GTX 1080. Should be an interesting showdown.

Now, if you were planning and are hooked up to the whole ray-tracing idea, Nvidia’s new RTX cards should be great. However, we’d recommend you to hold onto your cash for a while and wait for the benchmarks to make their way out later this month.

Since you won’t be able to get your hands on these new Nvidia RTX Turing cards before September 20th, I’d rather wait for the reviews to chime in.


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