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The Pocophone F1 Has Touch Latency Issues – Not A Good Start For The Quality Control Department

The Pocophone F1 has to be one of the best phones released in 2018. The phone is an absolute killer for the price. Revising the specs is simply a matter of revising ABC happily in Kindergarten. The Pocophone F1 packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, up to 8GB RAM, up to 256GB storage and a whole lot more.

I recently received my Pocophone F1 yesterday and it has been smooth and speedy in games. However, often I find that the display isn’t keeping up with my swipes and taps.

Given how cheap the Pocophone F1 is, there isn’t much to complain about it. I mean, you have a set of killer hardware and a killer price tag to go along with it. Sure, the lack of NFC and Widevine L1 isn’t everyone’s cup of coffee. However, it seems like Xiaomi has sacrificed in the quality control department as well.

As soon as I took my new Pocophone F1 out of the box, I noticed delays when swiping the devices’s touchscreen.

Given how solid Xiaomi has been with the quality of their devices, it’s a shame that Pocophone has come up with touch latency issues. This doesn’t only apply to our unit, after searching for a while,¬†Engadget also subtly mentioned this issue in their hands-on of the Pocophone. The Senior Editor at Engadget, Chris Velazco said:

It’s bright and vivid, sure, but there’s a barely perceptible bit of latency for touch inputs that sometimes makes the phone feel a little less responsive than it should.

For the price, the plastic body isn’t something that I mind. However, seeing such quality issues has impacted my faith in Xiaomi’s quality control department given that the Mi5 served me well.

Whether its a¬†digitizer issue or something within the software, this it’s definitely not showing the Pocophone F1 in the brightest rays. Hopefully this is a software issue that would be fixed in the next few updates.

The Pocophone F1 Has Touch Latency Issues - Not A Good Start For The Quality Control Department 2
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