Pocophone Update 9.6.22 Rolls Out – Introduces Face Unlock In More Regions & Improves Camera Performance

The Pocophone F1 has become a centerpiece of utmost excitement recently due to its killer price tag. With users reporting a number of issues down the line, it seems like the folks responsible for handling MIUI updates are hard at work to fix a number of glitches and issues present on the Pocophone F1. The latest update brings a number of improvements to the table, most notably, camera processing improvements as well as unlocking Face Unlock as a biometric authentication method in a much wider range of countries. The patch notes from update 9.6.22 for the Pocophone F1 read…

System Improvements

  • Added Face Unlock for Poland, France, Spain, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
  • Updated Android Security Patch to 2018-08-01
  • Fixed many apps that were initially unable to be launched on certain devices.
  • Virtual Buttons were offset
  • Adjusted Status Bar height


  • Optimized volume for IP telephony calls.


  • Optimized the camera’s launching process and image processing.


  • Optimized the recording process for the dual mic.

These updates join the series of updates featuring a number of improvements needed to finally get the phone to be stable. Not only were users complaining about issues with screen scaling, but users have also been reporting about app crashes for a while now.

Given how active the folks over at Xiaomi are, it’s impressive to see how fast the folks over at Xiaomi have been pushing out these updates.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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