PUBG Mobile Gets A Revenue Bump – From $50m to $75m Over 1 Month

PUBG is considered to be one of the very first Battle Royale games out in the market. With the PC version crossing the 1 million mark to become the top played game globally. PUBG Mobile has caught even non gamer’s attention.

PUBG Mobile Gets A Revenue Bump - From $50m to $75m Over 1 Month 1
In-game screenshot

Published by Tencent , PUBG Mobile instantly became a cupcake due the hype in the genre and the “free to play” tag simply turned many heads. Recent analysis by Sensor Tower shows that the revenue has increased explosively from last month’s $50 million to a whopping $75 million just over the course of 30 days.

PUBG Mobile Gets A Revenue Bump - From $50m to $75m Over 1 Month 2
In-game screenshot

This explosive growth is partly because Tencent has been exceptional in updating the game and partly because the new Sanhok map, a fan favorite from the complete version was added. Statistics show that the numbers have been growing at a fast pace ever since the arrival of PUBG Mobile’s Elite Royale Pass.

The significance of the pass can be calculated by the huge variance in the weekly revenue which has grown by a handsome 381 percent (From $1.1 m to $5.2 m) . PUBG looks unstoppable as of now and these constant updates will keep the game alive and interesting.


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