PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Tournament Announced – $600k To Be Split Among Global & Regional Tournaments

It’s a weird year, that’s for sure. PUBG Mobile is about to get a whole lot more competitive. The folks over at Tencent have recently announced a tournament for PUBG Mobile in an effort to hunt for competitive mobile players from all around the world. Players are welcomed to compete for a grand prize of $200,000 USD out of the total $600,000 USD prize pool and would take place across a number of regions across the world.

The tournament would host players from the following six regions:

  • Asia ( 3 Teams Would Advance To The Global Finals)
  • North America  ( 3 Teams Would Advance To The Global Finals)
  • South America  ( 1 Team Would Advance To The Global Finals)
  • Europe  ( 2 Teams Would Advance To The Global Finals)
  • China  ( 2 Teams Would Advance To The Global Finals)
  • Korea/Japan  ( 2 Teams Would Advance To The Global Finals)

In addition to that, there would be seven more teams joining the final Global Finals as special invites.

According to the folks over at PUBG, over 15,000 teams have applied for their respective regional tournaments. 20 teams would be selected from each region and would be invited for the qualifier rounds. Here’s how the prize pool is said to be split across the teams and players.

  • Global Final Champion: $200,000 USD
  • Global Final Runner-up: $100,000 USD
  • Global Final 2nd Runner-up: $50,000 USD
  • Regional Final Champion: $20,000 USD
  • Regional Runner-up: $15,000 USD
  • Regional 2nd Runner-up: $15,000 USD
  • Regional Finals MVP: $10,000 USD

To qualify for the Global Final, players would need to qualify based on their results. Then, players would be invited to compete in the preliminaries and then move onto competing in the regional finals against a number of teams before finally proceeding with to the Global Finals.

Traditionally, competitive FPS games are best played on a PC with the help of a keyboard and mouse. However, with developers trying their best to push the E-Sports envelope on consoles and mobile, inevitably, we should be seeing a few more devs trying to push e-sports competitions down the line for mobile gamers.


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