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RED’s Hydrogen One Delayed Even Further – Pledges To Compensate Buyers With An Extra Phone

RED’s Hydrogen One has to be the underdog of the Android world. While the company, RED, has quite a history of building some of the best video production cameras, the company’s attempt at building their very first smartphone isn’t weighing in very well. MKBHD, one of the biggest fans of the camera had the chance to test out the phone itself for a while last month, since then, news has broke that the Titanium version of the phone has been delayed even further due to how hard it is to make. MKBHD announced the mixed bag of beans on Twitter stating…

Good news and bad news: RED figured out the titanium version of Hydrogen is going to be extremely hard to make, so it’s further delayed …so anyone that ordered one will get an aluminum version when they ship… and they’ll also get a free titanium when those are finally done.

Users who ordered the aluminum version of the phone would get their phone as promised. However, those who opted for the much more expensive Titanium version of the device would have wait for an unspecified time and hold onto the aluminum version for now. Once the Titanium version of the device is ready, RED would start shipping those devices to their respective customers as soon as possible, giving them two devices for the price of one to compensate the delays.

Given that the phone already sports last-gen hardware, it would be a bummer if the shipping dates stretch all the way to 2019. The phone has been delayed a few times back in 2017 too, and to see such a phone being delayed this extensively, it simply sounds heartbreaking for many users. But on the other hand, given how well RED’s about to compensate those users and how incredible the camera performance is on the Hydrogen One, I’d bet that would definitely introduce a lot of wisdom into the hearts of its customers.

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